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The fourth annual Applied AI Nordics Conference

Make AI Strategic and Practical

April 25th 2024 in Copenhagen

600 attendees

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Applied AI Nordics 2024

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Applied AI Nordics 2023

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Breakout sessions

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Co-founder of Women in AI & Senior Strategy AI Manager, Todai


Barbara Isaksen


Barbara Isaksen

Senior Strategy AI Manager

Generative AI: Create Superheroes at Work and Measure the Value

Casper Guldager

Management Consultant

Want to know how generative AI can turn your employees into superheroes? And most importantly, how you can measure its value? Casper Guldager from KPMG shares their unique methodology for training, adoption and value measurement - all in one go.

Accelerating digital green transition - From innovation to revenue driver

Natalie Schnippering

Head of Digital Services

Join us for an engaging keynote where Natalie Schnippering, leader of Danfoss' new Digital Service business, shares her experiences in building and growing a digital business within a traditional hardware company: Scaling AI from small, disconnected pilots to forming a recurring revenue business. Natalie will discuss how they focused their efforts on one market, finding key customers, generating first revenue, and setting up operations. She'll also talk about bringing all digital resources together under one roof to support growth. Through AI Danfoss Digital Services helps their customer drive down carbon emissions, cut food waste and energy costs and by helping their customers transform into net zero operations they are also digitally transforming their own company. Join Natalie as she shares practical insights from the trenches of scaling the first AI offering to more than 15.000 supermarkets globally, and how Danfoss has managed to now further scale their digital and AI operations to new industries and customers.

How AI Enhances Content Discovery and Boosts User Retention

Joachim Bingel

Senior Data Scientist

In an ocean of over two million podcasts and hundreds of millions of episodes, finding the right content can be a frustrating challenge for Podimo’s users. In the worst case, this translates directly into user churn – and a loss of revenue. In this talk, we will hear about how Podimo succeeded in building a search and recommendation engine for its podcast app that lets users find relevant content for their topics of interest.

How do I measure the quality of a Language Model?

Rasmus Nyeland
Business Intelligence Developer

Rasmus’ talk shares Crayon’s methods for efficiently evaluating Large Language Models (LLMs), balancing thoroughness with development speed. He will talk about their journey in creating effective evaluation protocols to identify issues early, ensuring high-quality, user-ready products. Aimed at a broad audience from business to technical roles involved in LLM product development, his talk provides practical insights to streamline evaluation and enhance market launch success. Join Rasmus to learn valuable strategies for improving your LLM-based product development and introduction.

Let's get practical on Generative AI

Natasha Norsker

Data Scientist

Generative AI has countless applications, but where should one start? In this session, we'll explore a comprehensive overview of the most prominent use cases, along with the recurring challenges and opportunities they present. Natasha, an expert in developing Generative AI solutions for a diverse range of companies, will guide you through this landscape.